Helping Change Makers Achieve

Organizational Success & Financial Stability

“Improving public policy is the best way to address the
underlying problems facing the people nonprofits serve. It’s
like going upstream to fix the railings on a bridge to prevent
people from falling into a river, rather than pulling them out
after they’ve fallen in.  In an ideal world we do both.” (Cause Planet)

The philanthropic environment has changed dramatically in the past few years — institutional foundations that historically stayed away from supporting advocacy are now fully engaged and open to grant proposals from community-based social justice nonprofits advocating for systemic change.  But you have to know what to say to whom.

Larry Kaplan knows how public policy and the philanthropic environment affect your organization’s effectiveness and financial sustainability.  And he knows how to improve the impact of your work by helping you raise money, plan strategically, develop your leadership skills, build your resources and achieve long-term sustainability.

There are many ways to build your organization’s financial sustainability and market its impact, which in turn creates the change you are committed to and delivers on your mission.  For example, there are many ways advocacy and community engagement can help drive your mission towards success:

Over One-third of Funding for Charity Comes from the Public Sector

Meeting the Challenge of Public Funding

Over one-third of funding for charity comes from the public sector, and those sources are seriously challenged by budget cuts and the current political climate in Washington.

Take Action and Respond to Increased Outsourcing of Services

Strategies for Effective Funding Proposals

Increased outsourcing of government services to private non-profits means that fundraising and grant writing are becoming synonymous with government relations.

Help Elected Leaders Drive Your Fundraising

Donors care what opinion leaders think.

Donors are swayed by public opinion and the leadership of elected officials. Getting the public and political leadership in your camp inspires donors and boosts your fundraising potential, as well as boosts your support among the decision makers who control public funding.

Understand How Opinion Trends Affect Fundraising

Marketing Messages Must Be Tuned to Public Opinion

Non-profits work to develop marketing messages to donors, but many fail to pay attention to what the general public and community leadership thinks — and what they think affects your fundraising.

Know How Public Policy Affects Your Organization

Understanding the Impact of Policy and Law

Public policy, laws and regulations impact your mission delivery and your programs, so it’s important to know how political and bureaucratic decisions that affect you are made, or how the failure of the public sector to act will affect you.  State and federal laws determine funding and program delivery guidelines, while local laws affect things like how you use your facilities.

Stay Connected With Important Public Decisions

Know How Legislative and Policy Decisions are Made

Non-profit leaders should know how legislative, funding and regulatory decisions are made — especially who makes them — before there is a problem, so you can respond quickly, which is often necessary.