Advocacy has multiple benefits, resulting in mission fulfillment.  But

you have to fundraise for it.  And advocacy efforts and organizations

are most effective when they plan strategically and build long-term

financial sustainability.

Larry Kaplan helps social justice advocates — non-profits, grantmakers, associations, collaboratives, private businesses and public agencies — bring their goals to fruition and raise money.


  • Fundraising for Advocacy & Advocacy Organizations
  • Strategic Planning for Advocacy & Advocacy Organizations
  • Board Development for Advocacy Organizations
  • Executive Coaching for Advocacy Leaders
  • Advocacy & Public Affairs Program Design & Implementation
  • Government, Community Relations & Lobbying
  • Public Policy Management, Messaging, Research & Analysis
  • Writing, Editing & Communications Management

Showing You the Money

Connect Fundraising to Advocacy

Fund development and grant writing are on everyone’s minds these days. But fundraising, board development, marketing and advocacy are joined at the hip. Larry Kaplan will help you design and implement a sustainable strategy to build up your board, market your advocacy organization, and find, cultivate and inspire the people and institutions that will become your long-term donors.

Expertise in Advocacy and Public Policy

Craft an appropriate public affairs strategy

Larry Kaplan will help you understand how public policy impacts your work, and craft an appropriate public affairs strategy that will advocate for your cause, build your financial sustainability and advance your mission. It’s all about the intersection of charity and public policy.

Improving Your Message

Refined Messages, Improved Effectiveness

Larry Kaplan helps non-profits, grantmakers, associations, collaboratives, private businesses and public agencies increase their effectiveness and refine their messages.  He will work with you to strategically plan the visibility, community engagement and communications programs with key stakeholders and constituencies that bring results. Larry’s journalistic training makes him a strong writer, analyst and researcher, with the ability to synthesize complex issues into easy and engaging stories.


A Network of Relationships

Showing You the Ropes

Larry Kaplan provides you with the benefits of a wealth of relationships extending across all of Southern California’s communities, constituencies and leaders, coupled with a thorough knowledge of their issues. Larry will help you leverage your own connections in service to your vision, mission, fundraising goals, board recruitment and development, and program objectives.

Politics and Policy

Manage Political and Public Advocacy Campaigns

Larry Kaplan knows how to manage political offices and public advocacy campaigns. He is well-versed in the political and public policy issues confronting Southern California, and who the political players are. Larry will help you understand how public policy impacts your advocacy organization, and navigate the public affairs approach that produces the results you want.

Strategic Management Services

A Steady Hand to Manage Change

Larry Kaplan brings transformational strategic management expertise to organizations going through changes and operating in challenging environments — turn-arounds, crisis and interim management, new start-ups and any advocacy organization in need of strategic planning.   He helps funders support the advocacy efforts of their grantees, including the challenge of measuring effectiveness.  And, he helps build capacity for advocacy organizations — board recruitment and development, strategic planning, and executive coaching for advocacy leaders.